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Planning an event can be very stressful, especially finding exciting epic entertainment that will WOW your guests. That’s why we created Lid Music Entertainment.


Lid Music Entertainment is a reputable and multiversed music entertainment company in South Florida focused on providing you peace of mind for your next event. Our dedicated group of top-notch managers and artists are here to make your event a remarkable one.


We are the one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. We got you covered! We understand that not everything is about the performance. But human interaction is key. We infuse every event with energy and fun and pride ourselves on filling dance floors!


The Founder


Lidice Oran is a Cuban-born violinist and vocalist based in Miami, Florida. Oran is known in South Florida as the pioneer of the solo violin/singer musical entertainment concept. With her versatility to play violin and sing your favorite songs at the same time, she has managed to create some of the most exciting and intimate shows imaginable. As an aspiring Latina violinist living in the very diverse city of Miami, Oran has fused and incorporated various musical influences from different cultures and genres.


Oran’s musical journey began at the age of five, where she managed to record her very own album as a singer. At the age of eight, the young prodigy began her violin studies at the prestigious School of the Arts in Havana, Cuba. Throughout her adolescence, she was given the honor of performing with internationally-recognized Cuban artists and bands like Frank Hernandez, National Cuban Ballet, ARS Longa, Aldo Lopez Gavilan and countless more. Lidice Oran has also performed in world-known music festivals like the Havana Jazz Festival and the International Festival Leo Brouwer.

In 2015, Oran decided to move to Miami where she sought an opportunity to embark in new musical and entrepreneurial endeavors. Through her rapid ability to learn new musical genres, Lidice Oran managed to be one of the top calls as a violin soloist for events in the South Florida area. In just 5 years, Oran managed to perform with some of the world’s most known artists and orchestras. Some of those participations include Karol G, Sebastian Yatra, Myke Towers, Olga Tañon, Carlos Rivera, Reik, Tony Succar and even multiple concerts with the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, where she was given the honor to teach at their very selective summer program. Some of her most notable performance events include Premio Lo Nuestro 2020, Premios Juventud 2021 as well as Epcot in Walt Disney World, where she was given the principal role as singer and violinist.


Lidice Oran is currently singing and playing violin at various types of events as well as running Lid Music Entertainment, her own entertainment company. Lid Music Entertainment is a reputable and multiversed entertainment company in South Florida focused on providing you peace of mind for your next event. 

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