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Representing South Florida and more. With over 300 events of experience, we assure that we will set the perfect mood for your event. Lid Music Entertainment recognizes the extreme importance of creating the perfect event. From the first introduction to the day of the event, our clients are given specialized attention, which entails customizing music for each event, professional and immediate attention to detail and bringing the exact desired effect to each event.


As an esteemed entertainment company , we  pride ourselves in creating the ideal atmosphere to keep everyone entertained for the entire event! Our unique approach to working with our client creates flexibility to meet the EXACT expectations for your private event. We also offer song requests to create a custom show just for you! Lid Music Entertainment was created to make your life easier and unforgettable. We cherish all of our clients’ special moments.


That is why we are here: to INSPIRE cherishable memories! Entertainment is at the forefront of the experience where each guest is invited to not only take part in, but be a part of, the magical journey.

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