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From a satisfying violin for a wedding to an energetic Hora Loca LED music show for a corporate event we are here to help you find the music entertainment meticulously tailored to your needs!

Violin Solo

A delightful and exquisite experience of live violin suitable for receptions, ceremonies, cocktail hours, and , showcasing a variety of musical genres. 


Violin + Vocal

Our most popular and exclusive package, consisting of a show of violin and vocals , all performed by one talented artist. 

Create Your Own LidDuo

A well rounded duo performance customized just for you. Freely combine any instruments of your choice to create your ideal duo tailored to your needs (cocktails


Popular LidDuo™ Ideas:


  • Violin/Vocals Performer + Piano or Guitar

  • Violin + Cello

  • Piano + Violin

  • Violin + DJ

  • But The Possibilities are ENDLESS!

IMG_1626 2.PNG

String Trio or Quartet

The ideal ensemble for wedding ceremonies, performing a variety of musical genres ranging from classical to pop.


Hora Loca Lid Style

An EPIC and SPICY 30-45 minute extravaganza , featuring an LED violin show, with the option of adding LED percussion or vibrant dancers.


The Lid Band

A 4-6-piece live band consisting of some of South Florida's most top-notch and  prestigious musical artists, performing Top 40, 80s, Latin Music and more.


The Lid Band 2.0

THE ULTIMATE PARTY BAND! Top 40, 80s , Jewish Hora, Latin Music, you name it! The Lid Band 2.0™ is THE step-up to turning a great event into a remarkable event, leaving you dancing until sunrise!

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